Communication is important to me. It's what fosters relationships, establishes trust, and connects us with those who matter most. My mission is to help my clients communicate better.


I'm Andrew Smith, a communication skills trainer and a remote worker from Exeter, United Kingdom. 

I've been a communication skills trainer and remote worker for 9 years, and I've worked with lots of virtual and face to face teams during that time. I know how tough it can be to communicate and connect with your colleagues and employees - there's always that awful communication gap. 


I help you achieve clear, effective, and efficient communication so you can boost performance, increase productivity, and build trust with your global team(s). 


Angela Pai, 

Project Manager
Synology, Taiwan

I work as a project manager and regularly communicate with my colleagues across Asia and Europe. Andrew has helped me clarify my message so others understand, and take action. I now feel more confident and aware of the way I speak and write, especially when doing so across cultures!

Anna Vitorio,

Human Resources Manager

 Hero Group, Brazil

Andrew trained me in improving my communication skills so I can communicate more clearly and effectively with my European colleagues. His teaching style is practical and gives a hands-on approach to dealing with the communication and technological barriers I face at work. I highly recommend his coaching!

Simone Guzzo, 

Healthcare Assistant:

Hospital Of St John & St Elizabeth, London

Andrew is experienced and passionate about helping others progress their careers and in my eyes, is an expert in communication I am now a more confident and effective communicator and have been offered my dream position as a healthcare assistant at St. John & St. Elizabeth Hospital in London. 

"I've had my fair share of communication problems in the past, it's my mission to prevent you from making the same mistakes".

To say I've always been tech-savvy and an exceptional communicator is an understatement to say the least. I had years of speech therapy as a child because I was unable to make certain sounds. I struggled to express my thoughts and opinions at school and hated speaking and presenting my work. Oh, and I also failed miserably in my IT GCSE exam, (the shame!)

It's safe to say that back then, I definitely had little to no interest in becoming a communication skills trainer, and the thought of combining that with technology would send shivers down my spine. 

So what changed and drove me to be where I am today?

Simply put, frustration. The frustration that I couldn't say what I really wanted to say. The frustration that people never understood me. The frustration that I was unable to keep up with the fast-paced technology. The frustration that every time I had an online meeting or sent an email, my message would get lost in translation and misinterpreted. I wanted all of that to stop. I was tired of being that poor communicator. I wanted to become a master communicator. 

Fast Forward 17 Years

Since 2011, I've lived and worked in 5 countries across 3 continents counting, working with both face to face and virtual global teams helping them improve their communication and language skills. 

One of my greatest accomplishments to date was working on a 12-month project at Siemens in Leipzig, Germany back in 2015, where I helped my German clients deliver online job training to their Indian counterparts in preparation for the new plant to open in New Dehli. Despite the communication challenges and hurdles faced by both sides, the project was a complete success. Other companies and institutes I have worked with are Linde Gas and Oil, Fraunhofer University, Wacker Biotech, Academy Of Sciences Leopoldina, Deutsche Bank, and many more.

My mission is simple: To help others connect, communicate, and lead both online and offline. 

How I Can Help You

I offer a range of services that are tailored to your specific and unique communication needs and desires, including:

- In-house workshops.

- Online seminars.

- One on one and group coaching.

- Online and blended programs.

Before you go, please take this gift...

I want you to check out my free guide which covers the ten most important aspects of communicating and connecting effectively with your virtual team. This guide is based on both my professional experience as a communication skills trainer as well as academic research. It's jam-packed with useful tips and strategies on how you can close the communication gap in the virtual workplace.